The company named Manollo Group IKE – hereafter called in short MGroup – following the integration of all its sites, offers its services to the visitors and users of these sites under the terms and conditions of use listed below. Visitors and users of these sites are requested to carefully read those terms and continue to browse/visit the sites or make use of the available services offered only after accepting those terms in their entirety.


MGroup offers visitors and users of its sites a vast array of services, WebPages, choices and/or resources, including various communication tools, e-commerce services, web pages designed for mass access and communication between the users, personal services and/or web pages. Advertisements of all types are included in the web pages of the sites. The existing services offered, as well as any services that may be added in the future, are subject to these terms of use, which apply to all digital sites belonging to MGroup and govern all services provided. Visitors/users of these services must understand and accept that all the web pages/services in these sites are offered “as is” and MGroup accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever concerning the limited time, deletion, bad performance or inability to store any type of users’ data or/and any type of content provided in personal pages/services.

MGroup reserves the right to alter at any time the content of the sites it owns, to withdraw or/and introduce new services without informing visitors/users beforehand and without having to alter the existing Terms of Use.
Visitors/users are responsible for accessing the provided services and paying fees to third parties (such as internet service providers and internet usage duration fee). MGroup is not liable for any technical issues or any type of fees concerning internet access or usage described above. The visitor/user is solely responsible for the payment of such fees. Furthermore, the visitor/user is solely responsible for securing and using the appropriate technological equipment that will afford him/her access to the services provided on MGroup’s sites.

The present Terms of Use include a Privacy Policy, in which the way we collect and use visitors/users personal information is explained, in accordance with Greek legislation on Protection of Individuals with regard to Processing of Personal Data (Law 2472/1997, as it stands, after the existing amendments).


If a visitor/user wishes to register to the services provided by MGroup and gain access to all available MGroup sites, then he/she agrees to: a) provide real, accurate and valid information, when filling in the relevant registration forms that will afford him/her access to MGroup’s Users/Visitors Data Base, site content and services and b) maintain and renew the information contained in his/her registration form, so as to remain real, accurate, valid, updated and complete. The Data Base offers visitors/users the option to state whether they wish to receive information material solely by MGroup.


MGroup offers to users of its sites specific member services, upon accepting the terms of use and completing their registration on the site. As soon as the visitor/user completes the registration process, he/she will receive confirmation of a password and a user name of his/her choice. Users are solely responsible for any actions carried out by anyone using their personal password, user name or user account in general. The users agree to contact MGroup immediately in the case of unauthorized use of their account or/and any possible or actual breach of account security. Also, users are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and Logout, after every visit to the site. MGroup is not responsible for any damage that may result due to users/visitors’ inability to respect and follow these terms. After the opening of an account, deletion of this account is not possible.


The visitor/user reserves the right to object (in accordance with Article 13 of Law 2472/1997)  to having his/her personal data recorded and he/she can send a request to the relevant website for a correction or deletion of his/her personal data, as well as the complete deletion of his/her user account. This request can be send by e-mail through the use of the contact form available on the web site and in accordance with these terms of use. The web site is obliged to reply within fifteen (15) days.


It is mutually accepted and understood that, despite the fact that MGroup offers its users/visitors the necessary technological infrastructure and means for posting or publicizing relevant content, all types of information, data, texts, graphics, photos, music files, videos, messages and relevant content, whether is posted publicly or transferred privately, remains the sole responsibility of the natural or legal entity from which the content originates. That means that the user is solely responsible for the content he/she is posting, makes public, sends or transfers or generally makes available through the services provided to him/her by MGroup. MGroup is unable, mainly due to its size, to control the content of users’ posts and publications on the site and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, validity, legality or quality of such content. The user comprehends and accepts that by using the services provided by MGroup there is the possibility of exposure to insulting, immoral or illegal content. MGroup is not responsible, under no circumstances, for any mistakes or omissions in the content or for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any content posted, sent, transferred or otherwise made available by the users/members of MGroup services. In the event that MGroup  is notified that any content is causing non-material damage or other damage to a third party, the company reserves the right to immediately delete the content and at the same time terminate the user account of the person breaching the terms of use.

Users agree not to use MGroup’s services for:
1. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using other methods of installation of content that is illegal, damaging, threatening, insulting, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise objectionable, that violates the personality of others and other personal information, that instigates the creation of hateful emotions or/and any other penal offense.
2. Harming in any way minors.
3. Impersonating any natural or legal entity or misrepresenting the identity of a user/member or making misleading statements with regards to a relationship or/and cooperation between a user/member and another natural or legal entity.  
4. Counterfeiting or using other forms of forgery of users/members’ characteristics with the intent to mislead users/members about the origins of content transferred with the use of MGroup’s services.
5. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using other forms for the installation of content without legal permission or due to a confidentiality agreement. 
6. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using other forms for the installation of software or content of any form (text, image, sound, video, animation) that breaches any law of intellectual property of any institution (including trade secrets).
7. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using other forms for the installation of unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or other content intended for the promotion of goods, for sending junk e-mails or any other form of unwanted content promotion.
8. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or using other forms for the installation or/and promotion or/and distribution of content that contains viruses or any other type of digital codes, files or programs designed for interference, destruction or limitation of software or the equipment of PCs or telecommunications’ equipment.
9. Interference to or disruption of services or of the server or the networks connected to MGroup’s services or for disobeying the conditions and terms of use of such networks.

10. Violating, with intent or unintentionally, any local, national, European or international law or/and any legal rule with regard to any type of service available by MGroup.  
11. Harassing in any way the private life or violating the individual freedoms and social rights of other users (such as the collection or/and storage of other users’ personal data).

The user understands and accepts that MGroup does not conduct a preliminary examination of the content but MGroup and its qualified associates reserve the right (and no the obligation) to choose to refuse the publication of a post or to choose to transfer or delete completely any content that is distributed through MGroup’s services. Additionally, MGroup and its qualified associates reserve the right to delete any content that breaches these terms of use. The user understands and accepts that he/she must evaluate and assume the responsibility for any possible danger that may arise from the use of any content, including his/her decision to rely on the accuracy, completeness and/or usefulness of any content. In that respect, the user understands and accepts that he/she cannot rely on the content created by MGroup or is posted on the site by a third party, including information accessible at MGroup’s web sites, chat rooms, users’ pages and other MGroup’s services.
The user understands and accepts internet’s international nature and he/she is obliged to respect and abide by the local rules of ethic of every state. In particular, the user is obliged to abide by the legislation concerning the transmission of data from Greece to Europe and to third countries.


The user taking advantage of MGroup’s services for posting or/and publishing information, data, texts, graphics, photos, music files, videos, messages, is permitting MGroup to use that space for advertising purposes for as long as this content is part of the services provided by the company. Moreover, the user that posts or/and publishes information, data, texts, graphics, photos, music files, videos, messages is agreeing to have advertisements posted or/and published by MGroup on the relevant web pages/services. MGroup assumes no responsibility for the communication between the visitor/user and third party providers of services that are advertised on the company’s web sites, as well as for any possible commercial transactions that may take place as the result of this communication.


The user understands and accepts that he/she is solely responsible for compensating MGroup and its partners for any legal dispute that may arise between himself/herself and third parties, due to the content of his/her postings and/or publications or other transfer of data, using the services provided by MGroup.


MGroup reserves the right to alter or/and temporarily or permanently terminate part or the whole of the services it provides to its users, with or without previous warning to them. ATTENTION:  A User Account is automatically deleted after it has been inactive for six (6) months. After the deletion of the account, the MGroup’s User ID used by the user is available to new members-users.


The user understands and accepts that MGroup reserves the exclusive right to terminate a user from using a password to access its services or/and to prohibit users from accessing its services, if the company believes that they have breached these terms of use.


MGroup assumes no responsibility for the communication between the users and third parties that provide services advertised on MGroup’s web sites and for any possible commercial transactions that may take place between them.


Apart from exceptions explicitly specified (i.e. third party intellectual rights, partner’s and institutions’), the totality of the content that is found on MGroup’s web sites, including pictures, graphics, photos, texts, provided services and all types of files, are the intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks of MGroup and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law, as well as international conventions. As a result, none of the above services or content can –partially or as a whole- be sold, copied, altered, reproduced, republished or ‘loaded’ on the internet, transmitted or distributed in any way. Excluding the case of saving a single copy of the contents in a simple personal / computer (PC) or of non- commercial use, citing the MGroup site and without affecting in any way the intellectual and industrial copyright. All other products or services mentioned in the pages of this site that bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, partners, partnerships, associations or publications are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore they bear the responsibility. The user understands and accepts that he/she has not been granted permission to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and / or commercially exploit in any manner all or part of the contents of MGroup.


Taking into account the nature and vastness of the World Wide Web, MGroup does not assume under no circumstances (including the case of negligence) any responsibility for any form of damage the visitor/user of MGroup’s web pages, services, content choices he/she may experience by choice. The content available on MGroup’s sites are provided ‘as is’, without any guarantee, expressed or implied in any way.  To the fullest extent under the law, MGroup disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, those which involve the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

MGroup does not guarantee that the web pages, services, choices and content will be provided without any disruptions and errors and that any errors will be fixed. Furthermore, MGroup does not guarantee that this or any other affiliated site or the servers used for these sites are free of digital viruses or other harmful components. MGroup does not guarantee under no circumstances the correctness, completeness or availability of content, pages, services, choices or their results. The cost of any possible repairs or services is solely the responsibility of the visitor/user and not –under no circumstances- that of MGroup.


The content and information included in MGroup’s sites is offered by the company to the visitor/user and generally to the community of users of the world-wide web and therefore, under no circumstances, the content and information provided can be considered accurate information or/and advises and they cannot be perceived, under no circumstances, as a prompt to users to engage or not in specific acts. MGroup handles the collection, processing and distribution of content without, however, under no circumstances, being able to guarantee the integrity, completeness, adequacy and generally the appropriateness and the absence of any errors, particularly due to its large volume, as well as the participation of third parties (natural or legal persons) in primary production and collection. Therefore, the visitors/users of MGroup’s sites that use the available services on their own initiative, assume also the responsibility of checking the validity of information.


MGroup cannot control the availability, content, policy of protection of personal data, quality and completeness of other web sites and pages, referred to through links, hyperlinks and advertising banners, present at the company’s sites. Therefore, for any possible problem that may arise during a user’s visit/use of these links, the user is obligated to refer directly to those web sites and web pages, which bear the entire responsibility for providing these services. MGroup cannot, under no circumstances, be perceived to embrace or accept the content or services of web sites and pages referred to or connected to in any other way.


MGroup offers its visitors/users the opportunity to buy services or/and goods through e-commerce applications and in accordance with the specific terms that apply for such applications, as well as respecting the privacy of personal information submitted for the use of these services. MGroup is not responsible for the quality of goods that are obtained through e-commerce applications and such transactions are the sole responsibility of the visitor/user and the company that provides these services and/or goods. As a result, MGroup cannot, under no circumstances, get involved in relevant legal disputes that may arise out of these types of transaction.
In the case that these e-commerce transactions take place between MGroup and its users/members, then MGroup is required to comply with the Ministerial Decision Z1-496 / 2000 for remote sales and the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection. Therefore, MGroup is obligated to inform potential clients about a) the essential characteristics of the goods and / or services offered, b) the price, c) the quantity and the cost of transport, d) the value of added tax, if not included in the price, e) the method of payment, f) the delivery method and execution, g) the duration of the offer or the price and h) the right of withdrawal.

Access to the pages / services of MGroup does not entail any additional costs beyond the current tariff rates for general access to the Internet as formulated by the relevant providers (ISP's) and paid only to them.


The user understands and accepts that MGroup can adopt new terms of use for its services, including changing the duration that e-mails, forums, personal web pages or/and any other type of content a user posts and/or publishes, are made available through MGroup’s services. Moreover, MGroup reserves the right to alter at any time the permitted size and amount of e-mails, as well as the pre-set content storage space that is offered to its users through its services, without previous warning. The users understand and accept that MGroup reserves the right to deactivate their e-mail accounts, after they remain inactive for a long period of time (more than 6 months)..


MGroup offers its visitors/users the opportunity to start their own message boards, and at the same time, offers them the opportunity to participate in other users’ message boards through text messages. MGroup’s visitors/users comply with the rules of good behavior and decency and not engage in illegal and unethical formalities.  MGroup reserves the right to prohibit or stop text messages that violate the above-mentioned terms. MGroup shall in no circumstances be regarded as accepting or endorsing in any way the personal ideas or perceptions expressed in forums. The visitors/users of these services reserve the copyright to the views expressed in their messages. In the case that MGroup receives a notification that the content of one/some message/s posted/published by a user/member is/are insulting to a third party, then the company reserves the right to immediately delete the message or even the user account of the user that created it.


MGroup offers visitors/users of its services the opportunity to express their opinion on current issues by answering questions. The participants’ answers are recorded, analyzed and commented upon by MGroup with the purpose of drawing conclusions about public opinion trends in relation to particular matters of interest. MGroup reserves the exclusive right to collect and exploit this data and the conclusions the company reaches are considered to be MGroup’s intellectual property.


The above-mentioned terms and conditions of use of MGroup services, as well as any alteration of those terms and conditions, are governed and complemented by Greek Law, European Law and the relevant international treaties. If any provision of these terms is found to be against the law, then it ceases to apply and will be removed from the present, without in any way affecting the validity of other terms.  These terms of use constitute the entire agreement between MGroup and the visitor/user of its web pages and services and it is binding for both parties.  No modification of these terms should be taken into account and be a part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated in it.




The Policy Protection of Personal Data covers and refers to the conditions for the collection and management of personal data of the readers/ visitors/ users/ members of MGroup’s pages and services during their visit on any of the web sites owned by the company. MGroup is the creator and owner of all the rights of the pages and services, as well as the controller of data that may be entered by the visitors/users of these pages and services.

Under no circumstances does the present policy / contract covers the relationship between visitors/users of MGroup and any services that is not under its control/ownership.


The current policy protection of personal data applies only to the web pages owned and managed by MGroup and does not apply to information collected through any other website or practices of other companies that are not under MGroup’s control.

The web pages can include links to other sites, which are not controlled by MGroup but are under the control of third parties (natural or legal entities). In no event is MGroup responsible for the terms of protection of personal data adopted and applied by these parties for the visitors/users of their pages and services.


No personal data of the visitor/user is collected, when he/she is browsing the web pages owned by MGroup.

MGroup uses the personal data of visitors/users solely for purposes of information and support of users, during the usage of the services they are registered for, and for satisfying costumer requests, as well as informing them about the promotion of new services.

The above-mentioned information may be requested when a visitor/user is subscribed to the web sites’ mailing list for receiving MGroup’s web site newsletter.

Also, when a user sends his/her registration form, MGroup collects his/her ΙΡ address and sends cookies to the user’s personal computer.

The web pages offer their visitors/users the opportunity to delete, at any time, their personal data and information, to correct and update it or to deactivate their account.

A web page collects a visitors’/users’ personal data when the visitor/user is:

  1. Registered to use one of its services.
  2. Uses its services
  3. Visits the web page.

In particular, the technical means by which personal data of users is collected during the time they are using a web sites’ pages or services are the following:


a. Possible types of personal data that may be requested by a web site.

When a visitor/user is using certain site features, such as registering for use of specific services, for accessing specific content or features or when communicating directly with any web page or service, a number of information may be requested of them, such as:

-contact information, such as full name, postal address, e-mail address, phone and mobile phone number.

- User name and password,

- Information posted on chats in a forum or other interactive web services,

- Search quarries conducted on the site’s search engine

- E-mails send to MGroup through the site’s contact form.

b. Information automatically collected during a site visit and the visitor’s/user’s interaction with the site features:

When the visitor/user visits and interacts with the site’s features the automatic collection of certain information is possible, such as:

- The PC’s ΙΡ address,

- The type of browser and operating software used,

- The web sites he/she has visited before and immediately after his/her visit to the company’s site,

- Activities that took place in the web community’s forum,

- Web sites and advertisements that he/she sees and links that he/she clicks on within the site’s pages,

- The speed of his/her connection to an internet provider and information relating to software programs installed on his/her PC,

- Aggregated data relating to percentages of e-mail click-through advertisements and showings of users’ videos,

- Basic server connection information and

- Information collected through HTML cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons and similar type of technologies.

c. Information can be collected from other sources:

Through the use of the services provided by a web page, visitors/users’ information may be accessed through tertiary sources and internet platforms, such as internet social networks, internet data bases, online marketing companies and target advertising companies, which include:
- if the visitor/user gains access to social networking services offered by a third party (such as Facebook Connect or Twitter) through the site, his/her user name and a list of all the times he/she logged in these services,

- Demographic data, such as age group, sex and his/her interests,

- interactions with advertisements, such as viewership data and ad clicks (click-through), as well as information relating to the amount of times a certain ad has been viewed,

- Unique identifiers, including mobile device identification numbers, which can identify the physical location of these devices in accordance with the applicable law.

It must be noted that the web site is possible to combine the information collected directly with those collected from third party sources.

d. Polls

The site does not request for visitors/users’ personal information when they are participating in various polls conducted by the site. Visitors’/users’ votes are recorded solely with the purpose of drawing conclusions in relation to public opinion on a certain issue. MGroup owns the copyrights to all the polls and their results.

e. Real time chats

The web page is allowed to record the messages sent from visitors/users of relevant services solely for the purpose of establishing breaches of the terms of use, as provided, in particular, by these terms of use and for no other purposes. MGroup may not disclose to third parties the contents of the messages, unless the author (the visitor / user) consents.

f. Advertisements:

For MGroup to be able to offer free access to the content of its site, advertisements are included in it, many of which are targeted advertisements for every single visitor/user. For instance, by using the information collected through cookies, web beacons and other sources, the demographic data or information of online activities or visitors’/users’ interests may be used with the purpose of targeted advertising. It must be noted that the practices of third party advertisers or platforms that collect data from the web pages of the site are not included in the current policy for the protection of personal data.

g. Visitors’/Users’ accounts:

With the purpose of offering an open and civilized discussion forum, in which, on the one hand, freedom of speech and expression and, on the other hand, compliance with the existing laws and the protection of human dignity are guaranteed, MGroup is following users’ participation in forum discussions that take place on its sites. For instance, the ratio of flagged comments that are eventually deleted is monitored in order for badges to be allocated to the most effective comments’ coordinators.


a. MGroup complies strictly with Greek legislation on Personal Data Archives. The information shared and collected in the above-mentioned cases are not disclosed to a third party and in no way are they made public or exploited by MGroup.

b. MGroup is bound not to sell, rent or in any way make public or/and disclose or/and communicate users’ personal data to a third party.

c. MGroup is allowed to forward users’ personal data to a third party only in the following cases:

- when it has the explicit consent of the visitors/users to forward their personal data, which is perceived to be a given, when a visitor/user is a registered member of a site owned by  MGroup and has not objected to these terms of use, as mentioned above.

- in the case that it  is necessary for MGroup to forward visitors’/users personal data to a third party that cooperates with sites owned by the company, in order for users’ requests to be met. A third party (natural or legal entity) that cooperates with sites owned by MGroup have the right to process personal data that visitors/users of these sites have made available only in the degree that it is deemed necessary, in order for them to provide visitors/users with support for these services.

- When forwarding personal data is required by law and it is forwarded to the authorities in charge.

d. MGroup is also able to keep aggregated data collected, relating to information on how the sites’ pages and services are used, for statistical purposes and for analysis, in order for the company to improve page and services’ functionality and to better plan the sites’ content and design.


a. E-mail communications

The visitor’s/user’s personal information collected, can be used with his/her consent, in order for him/her to receive communication material through e-mail, such as updates of main articles, information concerning his/her account or changes on web pages he/she often visits and with his/her consent, advertisements of goods and services offered by MGroup or goods and services of the company’s marketing partners.

In the case that a visitor/user is also subscribed to MGroup’s newsletter, then he/she will, also, receive it through e-mail.

b. Communications through mobile devices

The mobile number of a visitor/user may also be used, with his/her consent, for sending promotional messages, updates or other services.

c. E- commerce services

For use by the visitor/user of the e-commerce services of, the following information is requested: First and last name/Name of Company, Natural person’s Address/Company’s Headquarters’ address, postal code, phone number, e-mail, fax, TIN (tax identification code), public finance department, town/city, country and credit card details. The above information is required for issuing all the relevant documents (tax related) that are kept in the financial department of the company. MGroup is entitled to use-process the data collected during users’ transactions in order to record users’ purchasing interests and to suggest new offers to them, unless the users’ of these services state that they do not wish to receive any offer suggestions. The information relating to visitors’/users’ purchasing interests are not to be disclosed to a third party, under no circumstances, except in the specific cases outlined in this document.


The visitor’s/user’s credit card used for paying services/ subscriptions at MGroup, is only charged once for a single transaction, unless the visitor/user chooses to use direct debit every time that his/her subscription or service he/she is using is renewed. MGroup is not responsible for the terms of use of personal data adopted by the financial institutions with which it cooperates for these trade transactions.

d. Forwarding information to third parties

MGroup respects visitors’/users’ privacy and shares their information only in special circumstances. In particular, users’ information is made available to other companies, applications or persons exclusively in the following cases:
- Aggregated Information or information that does not directly identify users can be shared with third parties in order to assist content development, services and advertisements. It is noted that contact information is not shared with third parties that advertise their goods or services on the web pages of the site.

- The services provided relevant to the site’s web pages, such as database management, provision of maintenance services, analytics, marketing, processing and distribution of e-mail and text messages, may by delegated by MGroup to a third party. This third party (or parties) is granted access to information that relates to users, in order to fulfill their obligations on behalf of MGroup.

- In the case of a site takeover or a merger with another company, it is possible for information relating to the visitors/users to be communicated. Nevertheless, in such a case, MGroup will notify their visitors/users by posting a conspicuous notification on pages or by sending a notification to the primary email address specified in their account, before such information is transferred and subject to a different privacy policy.

- Information relating to visitors/users may be shared with the purpose of investigating or/and preventing illegal activities, if there is suspicion of fraud or there are possible threats of bodily harm or threats against other human rights and interests of any person or if it is required by law, as well as in other cases that MGroup feels –in good faith- that publication of users’ information is necessary.

-In general, apart from all the above, the information collected is possible to be used for any other purpose, but not without instantly notifying the visitors/users or obtaining their consent.

e. Third party services

For their convenience, visitors/users, during their registration, are given the option to access the pages or interact with the services of a third party, such as Facebook and Twitter. When a user logs in, it is possible for information to be communicated about the third-party providers of services and vice versa, i.e. MGroup may be receiving information relating to visitors/users.

When visitors/users create a profile page at some web page and allow MGroup to gain access to their data through a third-party service, the data entered is possible to be used for various purposes, such as:

- The automatic creation of relationships within MGroup’s system. For example, if the visitor/user logs in to a page by using a service that has a public list of friends, such as Twitter, the company is able to check whether any of the Twitter followers of the visitor/user is also a member of the site. In that case, the relationship of the visitor/user with those Twitter followers will be reproduced in a manner that will allow them to be fans, followers or friends on the site.

- Relationship suggestions. For example, if the visitor/user logs in using a web page that has a private list of contacts (such as Google and Yahoo!), MGroup checks the user’s contacts with the aim of finding site members and suggests to the visitor/user to become fans of those users. It must be noted that this is not an automatic process. The visitor/user must choose to accept to become a fan of the suggested users.

- Compilation of a list with all the possible friends the visitor/user can send an e-mail to. When the user is sharing content with his/her friends, using, for example, the forward-to-a-friend option, the page can use the list of friends from third parties in order to create a list of contacts to whom each visitor/user can send an e-mail to.

- Compilation of a list with possible friends to whom the visitor/user can send service specific messages. For example, it is possible for the company to use a list of friends, obtained through a third party, in order to create a contact list. The visitor/user can send invitations to watch an interactive presentation to the members of this list.

- When a user is logged on to the site through a third-party service, MGroup can have access to certain information of the user’s account, such as his/her profile picture, what stories are popular in his/her network and what his/her friends say about certain articles or postings, in order to enhance and personalize his/her experience.

Furthermore, in case a visitor/user is logged in through Facebook, the visitor/user can automatically see what stories are popular in his/her network and what his/her friends say about certain stories.

f. Competitions

The personal data entered by the participants in a competition organized by the company’s web sites is collected and kept in a file that is processed by the promoter (MGroup). The purpose of the collection, retention and processing of personal data is for the support of the necessary activities taking place only for the purpose of individual competitions that are organized by MGrpoup.  The personal information of the participants will be retained by the promoter and will be used for the purposes of the competitions, i.e. to verify the winners’ personal data, to give them gifts, to communicate with them on matters of participation to the competition and in general, for the completion of all necessary actions, as well as for their information (such as receiving advertisements, when requested by the participant).


Web pages can use cookies for the proper function of their pages and services. Cookies are small text files (in .txt format) to be sent and stored on the hard disk of the computer of the visitor / user, if he chooses to accept cookies. Cookies are only used with the purpose of facilitating the visitor/user to easily access certain services found on web pages, as well as for statistical purposes, in order to define areas where these services are useful or popular.

The visitor/user can set his/her browser in a way that will warn him/her, when certain services are using cookies or to set his/her browser to always reject cookies. In the case that the visitor/user does not desire the use of cookies, he/she cannot access those services that use them.


The IP address is specified by the provider of the internet connection through which the visitor / user has access to the internet and then to the Site. The IP address is kept for technical reasons and to address issues relating to the web pages’ systems security (server, data base, network, etc.).The IP address of the visitor/user can be made public by MGroup, if it is requested by the police or other judicial or state authorities, while complying with the relevant statutory requirements.


a. The visitor/user can at any time deactivate his/her account by visiting the link on his/her profile page. When his/her account is deactivated, his/her profile will be also deactivated but any public comments that he/her may have posted will remain on the pages he/she has visited and used their services. The web pages will not deactivate, remove or process any of the public activities of the visitor/user or any submissions that came about as a result of his/her public activities.

b. Furthermore, many third-party advertising networks are IAB members. We recommend to the visitor/user to visit ΙΑΒ website, if he/she wishes to be excluded from the use of information collected by IAB members for behavioral marketing or wishes to receive relevant information on technologies used by these marketing networks and to see their policies on personal data protection.

c. Flash Cookies. The visitor/user can check how Flash cookies are used by visiting Adobe’s web site. Adobe offers the visitor/user the opportunity to allow Flash cookies from certain web sites, to limit the storage of Flash cookies or even to block all of the Flash cookies. In addition, if Mozilla Firefox is used as a browser, he/she can download the BetterPrivacy add-on so as to automatically delete all the Flash cookies every time he/she closes his/her browser.

d. MGroup is not granted access nor can control advertisers’ or service providers’ cookies and the practices of third parties are covered in the current policy for the protection of personal data.


MGroup offers its users the right to delete, correct or update part or all of their personal data.

In accordance with the laws and regulations that apply, he/she must send a request and poof of identification and he/she will receive a reply within thirty (30) days from the day that his/her request has been received.


Access to contact information of visitors/users is limited to the employees or a service provider that is reasonable to be entitled to know this information, in order to provide visitors/users with goods or services or in order to do their job. Furthermore, we have adopted natural and administrative techniques in the case of lose, misuse and alteration, that are suitable for the protection of information relating to users. It is noted that no transmission or storage of information can be 100% secure.


The under aged users of the web pages are not allowed to have access to those services that are unsuitable for minors and cannot be controlled by MGroup. In every section or service that may contain adult/offensive/immoral material, there is a warning to users/visitors. In the case that, despite the warning, under-aged users voluntarily visit those pages that contain adult/offensive/ immoral content, that cannot always be controlled, MGroup cannot be held responsible.

MGroup does not knowingly collect personal information from minors. If personal information of minors has been collected, without verifiable parental consent, the company will delete the information from its data base as soon as possible.


The management and protection of personal data of the visitor/user of the site and services of MGroup are subject to the current policy and the relevant provisions of Greek Law (Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data, as supplemented by the decisions of the Chairman of the Commission for Personal Data Protection and other relevant legislation within this context.) Any possible changes will signify a modification of the current policy in this particular scope.

In any case, MGroup reserves the right to change the terms of this policy for the protection of personal data, taking into account the current or possibly new legal framework and only after the visitors/users have been notified.

The use of the services on pages implies full and unconditional acceptance of the terms hereof.

In the case that a visitor/user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data listed here, he/she should not use the services of the web pages.



MGroup is using the SSL protocol with 2048-bit encryption on its web sites for secure on-line commercial transactions.

This way all your personal information, including your credit card number and your name and address, are encrypted so as not to be visible or altered during any transactions online.

The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is today the global standard technology for the internet that certifies web sites to web users and establishes and encrypted link between a user and web servers.

An encrypted SSL communication requires that all the information sent between a client and a server is encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting personal information during transport.

Furthermore, all the information sent through an SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been altered during the transport.